the warrior community!

Where incredible minds unite to achieve something remarkable

Where incredible minds unite to achieve something remarkable

πολεμιστής (polemistís)

Ancient Greece warriors are known today as well organized and heavily armored soldiers, trained to give their all on the battlefield. We identify with their iron will and like them, are determined to be always ready to fight and overcome our challenges.

A Lean Tech Warrior

Who we are

Lean Tech is a division of Lean Solutions Group that helps companies in the U.S. recruit, vet, and onboard the top 3% of software development talent in Latin America. We are a warrior community, passionate about technology and innovation that has spread throughout major countries like Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Guatemala.

What we stand for

The story of our company has led us to believe that determination and a common goal can accomplish the unimaginable. Fighting for what we believe in, overcoming obstacles, and ensuring constant self-development is precisely what makes us warriors. We stand for innovation and positive change, we stand for changing lives through technology.

How Lean Tech Started

An incredible entrepreneurship story

In 2019, Lean Tech was a dream for a few technology enthusiasts. A dream that pushed them to go further and leave their homes behind to search for a new horizon and the opportunity to explore their potential. A small coworking space in Medellín was this idea's first home. After a wave of challenges, adversity only fueled their passion. 
Fast forward to 2022, we grew well past 3,000% over three years. Our logo turned into building signs, and soon, borders were no longer a limit as more countries started joining the community. Today, Lean Tech is on a close track to reaching its ambitious goal of bridging the once-large gap between U.S. organizations and LATAM by finding the most remarkable software development talent across the continent. 
Together with our parent brand, Lean Solutions Group, we aim to provide jobs to more than 12,000 across LATAM and the Eastern Hemisphere by 2023.

Get to know our warrior success stories!


Lean Tech started as an IT department, but we grew into much more. Our journey began in Barranquilla, Colombia, and quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies in America.


Let's go to medellin! In 2019,
we moved to Medellín, the most technological and innovative city in Colombia.


We are a community for warriors; as such, we didn’t give up despite the pandemic, and we doubled our size in just one year.


We are international and growing.We arrived in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala and Paraguay.  Our growth has been at lightning speed, and with no signs of slowing down. With the launch of our Social Impact Department, you can bet there will be more countries in our future, we are working on that!

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