Life at
lean tech

We create, we innovate, and we change lives through technology.

our values

Sense of purpose

The fire that keeps us moving forward and brings meaning to our journey. We know that what we do matters, not only for us, but for many others around us.


We pour our hearts into it; we never leave a task behind and are always willing to lend a hand to accomplish the main goal.


We make the first move towards creating the world we want to live in. We are the spark that makes things happen and the light that leads the way.


We are as strong as our community and our union is the secret to achieve the impossible and reach the unreachable.


We strive to become someone to rely on. We have each other’s backs and always give that final push that separates dreams from reality.


We are the living proof of why it’s worth giving 110% every time, every day. We never settle for less than the best possible.


Anything can be done differently and better if we open our mind and turn ideas into actions. Innovation is the impact we have in the world from every angle, no matter how small it might seem.


Our differences fuel our power to succeed. Diversity helps us see the value in every challenge and sets the foundation for continuous collaboration and improvement.

Want to be part of our Lean Tech Community!

of working
at Lean Tech 

We promote a healthy lifestyle, and support in your difficult moments.

We understand how important is to grow as a team, but also as a family, so we have different celebrations during the year you can join on-site or virtually.

We promote a healthy lifestyle, and support in your difficult moments.

You will also get some of these amazing perks:

  • Personalized English classes 
  • Lean Monthly Team Lunch
  • Healthcare perks 
  • Online courses 
  • Birthday day off 
  • Lean Fridays 
  • And many more…

we take the flag everywhere we go


Pictures and videos might not capture the passion, happiness and unique lifestyle of our community, but one thing is for sure; warriors know how to have fun!