The warrior


Jessica Ruíz

“In February 2020, I began a new job with a lot of uncertainty but a lot of hope, I fell in love with the company the instant I arrived, and they trusted me without even knowing who I was.

All COVID-related worries arose after only a month, resulting in a global lockdown. I was quite concerned about what would happen with everything, but we continued to work despite the fact that no one knew what the future held, and the development was fantastic!

We've grown not only as a firm but also as individuals. Because we share the same enthusiasm for our growth and caring for others, I progressed from working at the front desk, paying bills, HR Tasks, to working alongside executives (as Leader of Growth).

Thank you, Lean Tech, for making a difference in my life. I'm grateful for all of the work we've done together up to this point, and I'm looking forward to all of the projects we're working on.”

ORLANDO - Senior .NET Developer

Coming from a long professional journey in the Oil and gas industry (+10 years) in different places from the world, the decision of Joining Lean Tech was one of the most important ones I've made in years.

I could write page after page trying to describe how amazing people are here, but maybe mentioning  some specific events might serve me better for this purpose. 

Let me start by saying that when the recruiter approached me, I literally felt like the greatest thing ever created lol. At one point of the recruiting proces I was deciding between 3 offers from different companies and Juan’s commitment was such, that he offered to talk to me and my wife to try to explain why joining Lean Tech was the best option. I've got to recognize, that move made me feel there was something different and good with this company. I saw so much potential in Lean Tech that even today, months after I decided to pass on better paid offers, I still feel like this was best investment I’ve made so far.I'm currently leading a team of developers from different nationalities working for a great client in the US and we are having a great time working together.I've got way more things to say about the journey so far. But if we put it  in perspective… that's not going to be much when compared with the next 10 years of my career here, right?Big Kudos to Juan Carlos Ariza ('The recruiter I was talking about). None of this would've been possible without your amazing diligence and care.


Over 2 years ago I started my new story, one that changed my life forever. On January 7, 2020 I left my city and I threw myself into a dream. 

Entering to work at Lean-Tech was the best thing that happened to my life and that of my family, having a group of professionals who listen to you, support you and take care of you, with an exceptional work culture and an inexhaustible learning process, in my head is engraved a phrase that our CTO AQ said "What you are not learning right now someone else is, and will occupy the place you want" those are not the exact words, but they echo in my head and help me learn something new every day. 

Today I can say with all my heart I love Lean-Tech because it changed my life and my family's.


I would like to talk about my experience working at Lean-Tech and why I'm very proud to work here.

What I like the most about my job is the people I work with and the company culture, I have the privilege to work with some of the brightest, friendliest and most hard working people that push me to be better and make me come to work and I want to continue building more solutions every day for our client.

And on top of that  the company culture itself is amazing with great people as well. I'm very proud and happy to be part of this company.

Sebastian Rodrigo Villa Garcia Nuñez

Being part of the Lean Tech family has been and continues to be an incredible experience. Thanks to them, and the amazing people working here, I've been steadily growing professionally. You can expect incredible teamwork, quality, innovation and people with sense of purpose all around!

Camilo Patiño Vélez

Being a warrior at Lean Tech has been such an amazing journey as it has meant everything for my career and personal growth. I started learning from scratch new tools and with the support of my team (and Lean Tech’s educational program), I managed to pass a seniority test and reach a whole new level in less than a year.Last but not least, I have to mention that through this journey I’ve always had  the best perks and best crew I could possibly imagine. For this and much more, thank you warriors!